Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breaducation... Who doesn't *heart* bread?!

There has been so much breaducation in my life of late...

I've taken my own stabs at breadmaking... dreaming of the days where I will nuture and grow my own sourdough starter like a precious child... but loving every leavening moment and yeasty-bready perfume in the interim.

Then there was the Breaducation night (here's the story, courtesy of Edmonton food blogger and photographer Maki of In My Element) at the lovely Sarah's coffee boutique, Luzzara, on Whyte Avenue (Edmonton, AB) featuring the bread-making stylings of Owen of Prairie Mill Bakery (found in both Edmonton and Calgary) and Chris of Partially, it was a great opportunity to learn more about making a great loaf... but also an amazing excuse to eat the amazing loaves produced by each of these gents (some amazing artisan sourdoughs from Chris and my favourite Corn Millet (among others) from Owen). (Lots of links there... but lots of great people for you to "meet"!)

Next up, Momma became a bread making fiend as she prepared for her artisan bread making class that she was teaching in St Albert. As her prep seemed to necessitate baking a loaf a day, I found myself happily immersed in the land of bread.

Bread! Bread! Bread!

Twitter has been amazing for connecting me with everyone that I mentioned above... and that is exactly how I ended up finding my new fave for bread and other bakery goodies, Sidewalk Citizen Bakery. I have been envious of those ordering loaves of bread for delivery to their offices on Tuesday and tantalized by the weekly creations available in their storefront.

Sitting on the couch in the Calgary abode, I mustered up the warmth and courage to brave the slurry of snow and head down to the bakery. And it was well worth the effort.

After a quick double check on google maps, I made my way to Sidewalk Citizen. I was greeted by smiling faces and massive bowls of rising dough (a beautiful sight!). Immediately offered a "tasting" (meaning a generous slice) of the sourdough bread with the question of "do you like butter?" Ummm... of course. Bread and butter. You cannot go wrong. It was delightful. Subtle and chewy with the distinctive flavour of sourdough.

Organic. Local. Friendly! Win. Win. Win!

I was there a bit later than I had hoped, so I missed out on the scones but managed to nab a sourdough loaf, sourdough croissant, chocolate croissant, brioche bun and another bun. Basically, I had $15 in my pocket and I didn't plan to leave with change.

The pastries won't make it through the afternoon but the sourdough loaf is destined for grilled cheese sandwiches with a nice hot soup on this gray day.

Calgarians have enjoyed the Sidewalk Citizen wares at many markets, cafes and shops for some time now. While I have just been introduced, I can't wait to go again next weekend (this time earlier!). Sign up for the newsletter and get excited for a bread delivery or bakery outing.

2 - 5524 1A St SW
Calgary, AB
Currently open from 10:00am - 2:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays with bread deliveries on Tuesdays

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doulanana said...

looks yummo!

raining sheep said...

Aviv's bread is absolutely the most! I get it every week delivered to my office. I don't even dare to get addicted to the scones and croissant because I already run too much!

wannafoodie said...

You're one of those that I have been jealous of! :)

I can't wait to get addicted to the scone!! I am already counting down to my visit there today..

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