Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Backwoods (Bastardized) Banana Cream Pie

You are probably already laughing from the title of this post... and, if you know me at all, you know that I have never seen nor likely know anything of what said "backwoods" are like. I have been a self-proclaimed "inside girl" for many many years now. It's not that I don't like the outside... I have allergies... I whine... I get cold... I whine... hahah. Wow, I'm really giving myself the good sell, aren't I?

The addition of the pup to the zoo has been good for kicking my butt and getting me into the vast "outside world." Don't get me wrong... I'm no backwoods convert and my camping experience will be limited to the queen-size air mattress that I found in the discount bin at Superstore (a steal at $12.40!) but I have come to really love and enjoy my morning (and afternoon and evening) walks with Charlie.

Ok, ok... back to the backwoods (bastardized) banana cream pie. I was tasked with coming up with dessert options for the BF's upcoming backwoods canoe trip. This is beyond the camping that most of us have experience with. They carry everything that they will need for 10 days... themselves... in backpacks... (insert: shocked expression). So, their supplies are dried, dehydrated or freeze-dried within an inch of palatable. There would be absolutely NOTHING better than a sweet-treat at the end of a long day of hiking, portaging and canoeing.

So, for the backwoods campin' man or woman in your life... or, for yourself, if you are so inclined... here is a guide (I can't bring myself to say recipe) for an easy sweet-treat.

Four servings here... we'll be portioning everything in half for two servings per evening... it's not like you can refrigerate the leftovers. 
1 box of instant banana cream pudding
8 tablespoons skim milk powder
2 cups of water (either packed or treated on site)
1 cup of granola (I'll be adding a granola recipe or two in the next week)
Banana chips

1 4-cup Ziploc Twist 'n Loc container (if you're making the full recipe, above) OR
1 2-cup Ziploc Twist 'n Loc container (if you're halving the recipe, which we will be)
1 freezer bag, large enough to fit the Ziploc or other air-tight container
1 rope, to secure container
1 large rock or stone, to weight down the container
1 river, to cool the sweet-treat :)

If you don't have water already treated or packed, then get to work on that! Put two cups of water to your air-tight container, then add your eight tablespoons of skim milk powder. Put the lid on the container and *shake*shake*shake*.

Remove the lid, then add your pudding powder. Again, *shake*shake*shake*.

Now, put your container into the freezer bag. Secure with your rope, using some sort of fancy knots that you learned in Scouts, weight with the rock, then dump that container into the icy-cold river fridge.

Clean up from your dinner (the pudding really doesn't need more than 5 minutes), then retrieve your container (hoping that you paid enough attention in Scouts to not retrieve a rock and no pudding prize).

Grab your lovely camping plate or bowl. Use your granola as your pie crust.

Top with banana cream pudding.

Then garnish with banana chips.

Eat, enjoy and dream of indoor plumbing.

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