Friday, May 21, 2010

Baked Eggs

Last year, I went to Paris. I went to Paris to celebrate my good good friend’s 30th birthday. We walked and museumed and ate. So many of the highlights seemed to involve food, as seems to be the case with many trips. We had chocolat chaud and palmiers from Angelina (which means I brought back a bag of their chocolat chaud), we ate breads and fruits from the Marche (where I bought herbes de provence and chestnut paste). We ate pretty little cupcakes from Berko and many of my favourite crepes with calvados and apple compote. It was a dream.

In, what Parisians would probably liken to a cheap department store, I bought a pretty little ceramic tray for eggs and a cookbook, Petites Coquettes. My French lapsed after high school and seemed to have been overwritten by my Italian studies in University but I figured that food, as the universal language, would help guide me through this cookbook. The photos, the care and the simplicity of this bit of French food did… with a few toast “fingers,” baked eggs is one of my favourite morning rituals.

Ingredients (loosely):
1 egg
a splash of cream
some cheese, some herbs, some veg or meat...

I wish I had some little coquettes or le creuset pots but I have yet to jump that kitchen gadget hurdle. But! I do have four “pretty little” (seems to be the descriptor of the day.. hahahah) blue ceramic le creuset ramekins. These are the special pots that I reserve for my special treats.

Heat your oven to 350F.

I very very lightly butter the ramekin. My tiny ramekins are about 1/3 – 1/2 cup, so they don’t fit much more than an egg and a bit of dazzle. So, I crack my egg into the ramekin. Then, I add in whatever bit of dazzle I have in the fridge… today, I had a equally tiny summer yellow summer squash. I chopped that up and added it to the ramekin. Then, I clipped then chopped and added some golden sage and lemon thyme (from my very own herb garden!). A crack of pepper. Top up with a splash of cream, then a slight grating of parmesan or whatever else.

Bake ~15 minutes. Or a bit longer if you get squeamish over runny eggs (but then… maybe this dish isn’t for you).  Eat with a spoon or with a piece of toast cut into pretty little fingers.

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Dean said...

Umm... let's see if you can use the phrase "pretty little" even more times in your next entry. Bet you can!

Isabelle said...

These are so adorable! It never occurs to me to make baked eggs at home because they always seem like such a luxurious weekend brunch sort of dish... and yet, they're obviously stupidly easy. Your post definitely changed my mind.
(I have the same "pretty little" ramekins, BTW, except mine are a sunny yellow... perfect for eggs, no?)

The Cilantropist said...

Looove baked eggs, I think I will have to whip out my ramekins and make these this weekend.

And isn't Paris amazing? When I went a few years ago I had just the most wonderful time... *sigh*

Lawyer Loves Lunch said...

I have a date with baked eggs this weekend. Thanks for reminding me ;) Plus, food served in ramekins automatically tastes better!


What great memories you made!

The Housewife said...

These would be great with toast fingers like you mentioned! My husband loves eggs this way!

wannafoodie said...

@Isabelle I hope that your sunny yellow ramekins were filled with baked eggs this weekend!

@The Cilantropist Paris is just amazing... I think I may be heading back in the Fall, which is good because my stores of herbes de provence are getting low!

@Lawyer Loves Lunch I'm so with you there!

@A Spicy Perspective Thanks!!

@The Housewife The toast fingers are an infinitely better scoop than a spoon... and less to wash up! :)

Linda's Yummies said...

Baked eggs sound so good. Will have to bring out the ramekins from retirement.

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