Sunday, April 25, 2010


Photo 008smMomma Rogerson has her own personal vocabulary. Not quite English at times, not quite anything else though either… a unique blend of Ukie-Yiddish particular to her alone. I have appropriated some of these “isms” into my vocabulary because, really, it is impossible not to and, well, they amuse me every time I say them.

One of Momma Rogerson’s “isms” is her love of Eggies. Eggies is infinitely more amusing than Eggs. Capital E or lowercase e. That’s probably why I love the Eggies so much… and why I think that eggs for dinner is so amusingly decadent. Hmmm… maybe I’ll have Eggies for dinner later.

In the interim, lunch looms. Dinner will have to wait for now. Egg salad, it is. I have some great pagnotta (bread) from the Italian Centre and everything else that I needed to get my dose of Eggies.

My Egg(ie) Sandwich

1 slice of pagnotta (it is a wide, round loaf, so I used one slice and cut it in half)
2 “hard” boiled eggs
1 teaspoon of mayonnaise
1/2 teaspoon of grainy dijon mustard
1 pickle
And… ummm… if you happen to have a slice or two of bacon… I’m hard pressed to resist including that!
Salt + pepper (less salt, depending on your pickle and bacon situation)

The worst bit of egg salad would be cooking the eggs to the point of greyness. What is appetizing about that!? So, yes, I am about to tell you about how I boil a damn egg. I wouldn’t bother if I hadn’t been presented with more than one grey yolk in my life but, since I have, you get the full explanation. :P

Fill your pot with cold water and, into that, put your cold eggs. Cold + cold, then you can warm. Bring to a boil and let the eggs move around the pot for six minutes. Dump the hot water and run cold water over the eggs. Once they have cooled and you can handle them (but before they get fridge-temperature cold), roll the egg on the counter putting a slight bit of pressure to crackle the shell. Peel away the shell. Done. Eggs = Ready.

Photo 003sm 
Chop your egg, pickle and bacon, if you dare. Add mayo and mustard. Stir and spread on your (sliced and toasted) bread.

Photo 005sm
Now, that’s MY egg sandwich.

Any egg sandwich suggestions for me?

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gonna-need-a-bigger-boat said...

I am thinking that Foodies - Part Two might be called a good 30th birthday present... Maybe you better keep that in mind and start emailing me your raw files so that I can get to work....

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