Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The perfect shade of yellow.

I am sitting here... in the passive time of cooking. The short ribs are bubbling away in the oven and there is nothing I can do (or would want to do) to expedite this process. The whole satisfaction that comes from cooking anything slowly is that delightful anticipation... you know how good it can be and it's just a matter of letting it get there.

As I kill time, I am going to write about my kitchen... which I completely completely love. Sure, there are things that I dream of doing to it... like having butcher block countertops... maybe a bit more space... a double sink... a dishwasher (the cruelest thing for a foodie to be without)... but the list is not long. It's quaint and, even better in my mind, it is painted the most wonderful shades of yellow. I always wanted a yellow kitchen and my good friend, whether through intention or lacking better judgement, gave it to me. We picked two shades of Ralph Lauren paint and two days and much swearing later... a happy yellow kitchen emerged.

As I am not fortunate enough to have a dish washer, I spend a great deal of time at the kitchen sink... scrubbing and muttering... or just zoning out. To increase the enjoyment of my dishwashing time, I have filled the shelves above my kitchen sink with many of my favourite foodie things...

I have a few of my Nigella cooking pieces... my olive wood juicer that I bought in Cortona, Italy this past May... the small ceramic cucina plaque that I bought in Cortona in 2006... a ceramic jar of my mother's still filled with orange pekoe tea, as it was in my childhood... a vase filled with corks... a piece of my mother's ceramics... All things that make me smile while I wash away the traces of the meal and prepare for the next.

Before I go, I am going to give today's song to @sarahmacdonald (for those twitterers). Miike Snow - Song for No One. Enjoy!

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Dean said...

despite the lack of certain elements, it is a pretty great kitchen... and the yellow is just fantastic.

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