Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A manly grilled chesse

This grilled cheese sandwich seems, to me, to be a very manly meal. Pulled short ribs and strong cheese in all of their chest-pounding, grunting glory. I even caught myself watching the sports highlights (well... just the curling story)... was that the sandwich's doing?

Now, if I were not as loony as I am, I don't know that I would make short ribs specifically for the purpose of this sandwich, as tasty as it is. It could be a good way to use up leftovers. But, if you are so inspired and do take the time to make the short ribs, the end result is worth it.

Manly Grilled Cheese and Pulled Short Rib Sandwich

- 1 pound (4) beef short ribs
- Olive/canola oil blend
- 1 cup red wine
- 2 cups  beef stock
- 2 bay leaves
- 1/2 teaspoon thyme
- Cheese... I used Jarlsberg but you could use any melty gooey cheese
- Bread of choice.. I like a toothy, seedy bread. 
- Pickle!

Short Ribs
Easy peasy. Heat oven to 325 F. Heat a spot of oil in a saute pan (that has a cover). Sprinkle short ribs with salt and pepper. Brown each side in the pan. Deglaze pan with red wine. Let wine almost completely evaporate. Add beef stock, bay leaves and thyme. Bring back to a high simmer/boil, then cover and put pan into the oven.

Let cook for two hours, then remove the cover and baste the ribs every 20 minutes for a further two hours. Remove from oven and let cool. Skim off any fat that has risen to the surface. Then, the fun part, use two forks to pull the meat apart.

Heat your oven to 325 F.

This part is close to every other grilled cheese that you have made but has one added step. So, heat your frying pan, then take your bread... Cover one slice with cheese (from edge to edge), top with a healthy portion of the pulled short ribs (I used about 1/3 cup), cover again with cheese and then the other piece of bread. Butter both sides of the bread. Put in your frying pan.

Fry for one minute on one side, flip. Now, put a weight on the sandwich - you can use a small saucepan, a panini press or a BBQ press... whatever works. Improvise. Fry for one minute, flip and put into the oven (with the weight still on the sandwich). Flip the sandwich, return the weight and put back in the oven for two minutes.

Remove, slice and enjoy. But don't forget the pickle!

My music of the day... Paolo Nutini. I heart Last Request.
(I think I may have had to compensate for the manly sandwich with a sappy crappy song choice.)

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I can't wait to come home and enjoy your cooking again!!!

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